London based promoter & label collective
Fri, 15th Dec

Pink Mist Xmas Party

Moth Club, London

Let’s be real here: office Christmas parties were always an odious chore and now they are barely even a thing. However, should you need an excuse to skip the office party and do something you might actually enjoy, we have a gift for you: The Pink Mist Xmas Party.

That’s right (marketing voice) make your pre-Christmas cleanse a cleanse in sound (and also probably beer) with a line-up of three of our favourite bands: Tangled Hair, Other Half and Mild Men.

If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with the melancholy math pop of Tangled Hair by this point. They’re currently in the process of making a new album and as you know, Tangled Hair albums are made on something akin to geological time. This will be their only London show this year and probably for a good while after, so don’t miss out.

Other Half are, without a doubt, the best new band in the UK that happened to have released two excellent albums already. That’s right. If this was indie show we’d be talking two tracks on SoundCloud, but over here you’ve got to release two amazing albums to qualify as a great new UK band. Their joyous wall of sound has been blowing the roof of venues all over the country, so now is the time to catch them.

Is it weird that after describing Mild Men as one of my favourite bands I’m going to reveal that I am in the band? Either way, it is embarrassingly true. You’re welcome to hang me for this. We’re also releasing the Mild Men record, which is either totally DIY or some kind of masturbatory nepotism. Go figure. Either way go listen and get down early, you won’t regret it.

  • Line Up

    Tangled Hair
    Other Half
    Mild Men

  • Venue

    Moth Club
    Valette Street
    London, E9 6NU
    (View Map)
  • Doors

    7:00 PM
  • Age Restriction

    18 +