Wed, 8th Nov

Owen / Birthmark / Tim Kinsella / Victor Villarreal

Oslo, London

Owen / Birthmark / Tim Kinsella / Victor Villarreal

Oh yes my friends: Kinsellas for days.

Tim, Mike and Nate Kinsella along with their good friend Victor Villarreal have participated, partially or collectively, in the following bands: Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Joan of Arc and American Football. There are others too, but if I tried to list them all them this would just be... A list? And ya know, we like to at least pretend we possess basic copy writing skills and some degree of editorial knowledge.

Anyway. The takeaway is this: Tim, Mike, Nate and Victor are coming together for one night only to perform variously as Owen, Birthmark, Tim Kinsella and Victor Villarreal. (The last two are just their names but they’re nice names, so that’s cool guys). This is a one time deal. So err... Climb aboard the Kinsella train? (Climb aboard the loathsome promoter call-to-action train?).

Just ya know, buy a ticket.

Thursday November 9th @ Oslo
1A Amhurst Rd, London E8 1LL
£14 - 7:30pm - 18 +

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    Tim Kinsella
    Victor Villarreal

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    1A Amhurst Rd
    London, E8 1LL
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    7:30 PM
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